Every cloud has a silver lining

Setup your TMS practice today
  • Revolutionary CloudTMS platform

    Securely and conveniently access your practice's rTMS data in the cloud from any mobile or Internet connected device. Track patient outcomes and analyze patient results instanly using an intuitive and modern user interface.

  • Modular & portable design

    We know a thing or two about designing rTMS systems. We manufactured our first unit in 1996 and are now in 35 countries and 1500 units strong, and growing. Our TMS latest model can fit in the backseat of your car and moved from room to room with ease. Modular design ensures maximum reliability with mininum downtime.

  • Make overheating a thing of the past

    Advanced cooling technology enables long continuous use times without having to worry about overheating.

  • Plug & Play

    Simply plug in your CloudTMS machine and power on. With its intuitive software controls and streamlined interface you'll be up in running in minutes.

  • Complete solution

    We wouldn't leave you hanging. Our device comes with everything you need to get started with your rTMS practice, including training, our angulated figure eight coil, touch screen laptop, and easy cart.

  • A 21st century approach

    With an ergonomic design curved to fit over the patient's head, state of the art cooling technology, and an angulated design, our figure eight coil can also be handheld allowing for superior targeting and location of motor threshold hot spot.

Introducing CloudTMS, a revolutionary cloud based rTMS system for the 21st century. Access your practice data conveniently and securely from the cloud. Analyze patient outcomes and rating scales instantly using powerful filter and charting tools.


An easy to set up, complete solution means you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • FDA cleared CloudTMS machine + touch screen laptop
  • Secure cloud based access to your practice data on your mobile
  • Fully customizable & comprehensive session reports
  • Intensive rTMS training in technique & fundamentals
  • Complimentary passes to our hands on training courses
  • rTMS Practice Dashboard
  • Free lifetime support
  • Perform rTMS therapy FDA approved for the treatment of depression
  • Access to rTMS reimbursement guide


Your FDA cleared CloudTMS machine ships in 3-5 business days

1. Delivery

The CloudTMS machine is delivered to your practice on a date of your choosing.

2. Scheduling

Our customer support will call you to schedule training.

3. Training

A certified trainer conducts training on location with your staff.

4. Support

Training is finished, but free lifetime support is available.


in as quick as 5 business days


The CloudTMS Approach

Our FDA cleared CloudTMS device comes with the best cooling technology on the market keeping our coils cool even during long continuous use times.

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Cost effective treatment

Our sales are direct to customer so we don't have to maintain a costly salesforce like the competition. We pass the cost savings onto you.

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Clinically proven video

Explore exciting new research with Dr. Jonathan Downar during his lecture at the Toronto Western Hostpital site of UHN.

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